How to See Who Liked Your YouTube Video?

If you’re anything like us, you love watching videos on YouTube but have often wondered if anyone else is appreciating your hard work. In short, did any of your friends or followers actually “like” the video? If so, how can you quickly identify who liked your YouTube video?

Don’t worry we’ve got all the answers for you! This blog post will walk step-by-step through everything you need to know about seeing who has liked (or disliked) your latest masterpiece. So get ready and let’s see just which of your fans is running hot and which ones may be disliking what they see.

How to See Who Liked Your YouTube Video?
How to See Who Liked Your YouTube Video?

Step By Step Process How to See Who Liked Your YouTube Video?

Are you wondering how to see who liked your YouTube video? It’s a great way to keep track of who is interested in your content and can help inspire more engagement. Fortunately, it’s an easy process that just takes a few moments and 10 steps!

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1. First, log into your YouTube channel. You’ll need to have full access privileges to see the data associated with each video. Once logged in, locate the video you want to check out. The “Likes” section will be displayed near the bottom right-hand side under the views count.

2. Now, click on the “Likes” tab. This will open up additional details about who has liked your video and when they did it. Here you should be able to see the usernames of those who have liked it.

3. After that, click on each username to view their profile. This will give you more insight into who they are and why they may have liked your video. Additionally, you can follow them if you’d like as a way to thank them for watching your content.

4. Now make sure that your “Likes” tab is up-to-date.YouTube periodically updates likes so keep checking back regularly or set up an alert system in order to be notified when new likes come in. You want to make sure that those who’ve taken the time to watch and like your video are recognized!

5. Now find out where viewers are coming from. Is it from organic search, social media, or another source? Knowing this information can help you better target future videos to maximize the viewership and likes.

6. Identify any trends in who is liking your content. If a certain age group or demographic is responding positively to your video then consider making more content that appeals to them.

7. Use analytics tools like YouTube Studio to measure engagement with individual viewers. This will provide even more detailed information about who liked your video and when they did it.

8. Craft targeted messages to those who have liked your content. You can use comments or direct messages on social media platforms to start conversations with viewers in order to get their feedback and ideas for improving future videos.

9. Consider setting up a rewards system for those who like your videos. This could be something as simple as offering discounts or exclusive content only to viewers who have taken the time to view and like your videos.

10. Use data from YouTube’s Insights tool to track the progress of all of your videos. How many likes, views, and shares does each video get? How long are people watching for? How does this compare between different types of content? All questions you can now answer with access to detailed analytics!


By following these 10 easy steps you’ll be able to see who liked your YouTube video in no time! Knowing who is watching and engaging with your content is crucial for successful video creation and a great way to thank people for their support. So don’t wait, start checking out who has liked your videos today!

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