Influencer Couple’s Lavish Lifestyle Funded by Stolen Credit Cards

In an unexpected twist, Bromley residents Ashley Singh, 39, and Sophie Bruyea, 20, managed to finance their luxurious lifestyle by swindling £250,000 from gym-goers’ bank and SIM cards. Over the course of a year, the duo targeted 18 victims, using stolen credit cards from changing room lockers to fuel their lavish purchases, as reported by various news outlets.

Their extravagant spending included acquiring high-end gadgets and designer items, which were later sold to maintain their opulent way of life—complete with bags, shoes, vacations, and even a purebred puppy, according to details revealed by the Metropolitan Police. While Singh and Bruyea reveled in luxury, their victims endured financial setbacks, stress, and the inconvenience of drained accounts and non-functional phones.

The couple’s illicit activities came to an end when a local officer noticed a pattern in the thefts and alerted detectives specializing in economic crime. A dedicated team in Lewisham utilized phone tracking, CCTV footage, and vehicle details to link the couple to each crime.

Singh and Bruyea were apprehended on January 27 at Gatwick Airport upon their return from Paris, carrying 2,000 Euros worth of designer goods. The Metropolitan Police disclosed that a total of 18 people fell victim to what the sentencing judge termed a “wicked conspiracy.”

During the sentencing at Croydon Crown Court on January 10, the judge underscored the widespread impact of the couple’s spree, leading to instances where victims felt unsafe and suffered professionally due to stress. Singh received a three-year prison sentence, while Bruyea was sentenced to 20 months at a young offenders’ institute, suspended for two years, along with rehabilitation and 120 hours of unpaid work.

The Metropolitan Police aims to seize the proceeds of their crimes, totaling £250,000, to compensate the victims and send a robust message against such criminal activities. This case serves as a reminder of the significant impact that seemingly isolated criminal acts can have on individuals and highlights the importance of swift and decisive action to address such offenses.

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