How to Fix YouTube Has Stopped on F22 Pro Xda?

Having trouble with your F22 Pro Xda not playing YouTube videos? It’s a common issue, but thankfully it’s easy to fix. In this article, we’ll go over exactly what you need to do in order to get YouTube up and running on the F22 Pro Xda quickly and effectively. All you need is some technical knowledge and a few clicks – let’s start solving those frustrating video playback issues!

How to Fix YouTube Has Stopped on F22 Pro Xda?
How to Fix YouTube Has Stopped on F22 Pro Xda?

Why Does Audio Delay Problem Occur On Youtube?

The F22 Pro phone has caused many users to experience difficulty with YouTube. The issue appears to be related to the Android version that it runs on, which is 8.1. The phone does not have access to the latest versions of YouTube since these are only available for Android 9 and 10.

The outdated version of Youtube also results in incompatibility with the hardware of The F22 Pro. The combination of this outdated Android version and incompatible hardware has caused YouTube to crash or stop working for many users.

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The best solution for this problem is to upgrade the phone to a newer version of Android that will have access to updated versions of YouTube. It may also be possible to work around the issue by using a web browser instead of the Youtube app.

The bottom line is that The F22 Pro needs to be updated in order to use the latest version of YouTube. The reason Behind Youtube has Stopped on F22 Pro is due to its outdated Android version and incompatible hardware, both of which need to be addressed in order for users to enjoy the full experience of YouTube.

Step By Step Process How to Fix YouTube Has Stopped on F22 Pro Xda?

If you have an F22 Pro Xda and YouTube has unexpectedly stopped working, there is no need to panic. Here are 10 easy steps that can help you troubleshoot the problem and get YouTube back up and running in no time.

1. Check your internet connection

Make sure your device is connected to a reliable data or Wi-Fi connection. To do this, go to Settings > Network & Internet and select Wi-Fi or Mobile Data.

2. Force close the YouTube App

Go to Settings > Apps and find YouTube in the list of installed apps. Tap it and choose Force Stop to shut down the application temporarily.

3. Clear the YouTube app data and cache

Go back to the Apps list, tap YouTube, and select Storage & Cache. Tap Clear Data and Clear Cache to reset any issues that may have caused YouTube to stop working.

4. Update the YouTube App

Go to the Play Store app and search for “YouTube” in the search bar at the top of your screen. Select the app and press Update to get the latest version of YouTube that is available for your device.

5. Restart your device

Hold down the power button until you see a prompt to restart the device, then tap it to reboot your F22 Pro Xda.

6. Uninstall and reinstall the YouTube App

Return to the Apps list and find YouTube. Tap Uninstall and confirm your selection. Then go back to the Play Store app and download the latest version of YouTube from there.

7. Check for system updates

Go to Settings > System > Advanced System Updates and select Check Now to make sure you are running the latest software version available for your device.

8. Factory reset your F22 Pro Xda

This should only be used as a last resort, as it will erase everything on your device and restore it to its factory settings. Go to Settings > System > Reset Options and select Factory Data Reset.

9. Contact YouTube customer support

If none of these steps have worked, you can contact YouTube directly for help.

10. Contact your provider

If all else fails, contact the manufacturer of your F22 Pro Xda or reach out to your mobile service provider for assistance.


Following these 10 steps should have fixed any issues that were causing YouTube to stop working on your F22 Pro Xda. If you are still having issues, contact customer support for help.

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