Meet Your New Fave, Callie Wilson!

Lawyer-turned-influencer Callie Wilson is living her best life “with ease” in LA. The 26-year-old TikTok star has swapped studying for the bar for creating fun content full-time. And get this – she’s also launching a new podcast! Find out what’s next for the viral phenomenon in our exclusive chat.

When she’s not whipping up recipes in the kitchen like her famous “tomato soup made easy” video, you can find Callie spending time with her besties – that’s what she calls her millions of followers. “They really are like family to me,” she gushes. But it wasn’t always smooth sailing. After struggling through different college majors, Callie found her groove in law school. But demanding internships left her burnt out.

That’s when she decided to share more of her daily life on TikTok. Fans loved getting a glimpse into her world as a student living in NYC. Soon, she amassed over a million followers and pivoted to creating content full-time. Not everyone understood her change in career path though. Callie fought off criticism but stayed true to herself.

These days, you’ll find the bubbly blonde thriving in LA. “I just feel so happy and free here,” she smiles. When she’s not hiking with BFF Celia, she’s likely attending buzzy events. But gathering crowds can still trigger panic attacks for the anxiety warrior.

Now, Callie is focused on her new venture – the “Living With Ease” podcast. In candid chats, she helps fans through messy breakups, mental health issues and more with her signature positive vibes. Find out how she exited her latest relationship and what’s next for the rising star. Spoiler: she’s sworn off “situationships” for good!

So pour yourself a cup of tea and get to know your new fave, Callie Wilson. With her bubbly charm and words of wisdom, this talented bestie is sure to brighten your day!

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