Sydney Sweeney Shines at Australian Movie Premiere!

The talented actress Sydney Sweeney looked gorgeous at the premiere of her new rom-com movie in Australia this week. Sydney was there to celebrate the film Anyone But You. It was shown for the first time at the Hoyts Entertainment Quarter movie theater in Sydney on Monday.

Sydney wore a see-through white dress to the red carpet event. She posed for pictures and talked to fans. She was joined by co-stars Joe Davidson and Bryan Brown. The director Will Gluck was also there. In the silly movie, Sydney plays Bea. At first Bea does not get along with Ben, played by Glen Powell. But they have to pretend to be a couple! Things get funny when unexpected things happen.

The movie looks funny from its trailer. It will come to theaters on December 22nd. You can watch the trailer online now. At the premiere, fans got to see Sydney and the cast up close. They seemed excited people were enjoying their movie.

In other photos, you can see how cool Sydney’s dress was. It was like wearing a white outfit and bra at the same time. She looked stunning and showed off her outfit on Instagram too.

Sydney said she had great chemistry with co-star Glen right away. They met briefly before but really connected while making Anyone But You. Even though they were just acting, people thought they were dating in real life! Sydney is engaged to someone else. She said she’s happy fans liked their on-screen romance so much.

It seems like Anyone But You will be a fun new film. Thanks to Sydney Sweeney for bringing the movie to Australia and dancing with fans on the red carpet! Let me know if you want to see more about this promising new rom-com.

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