NBA star’s wife starts secret O.F. and her viral fight exposes it all

She is Kyss and met former NBA champion Joe years ago. They fell in love and got married. But after some years for some reason money got tight. Kiss started a variety of businesses over the years, a moving company, massage therapy, even a music album, but none took off the way she hoped.

After 13 years together, Joe learned Kiss had been secretly running a new type of bussiness, an O.F. page for over a year. He was shocked and upset that she had hidden it from him. To give context, before meeting Joe, Kisha used to be an adult film actress, with credits including provocative titles like “Brothers Banging”, “My Baby Got Back Part 7”. In her anger, Kiss recorded their explosive fight over the O.F. discovery and spitefully posted it online. The shocking video blew up, with many people criticizing Kiss for lying to her husband. Most people would probably lay low for awhile after such drama. But Kiss took a different approach, she decided to lean into the controversy and go on a media tour!

She started airing even more of their relationship issues and private lives to the public. Humiliated by his wife’s oversharing, Joe left their home to stay with family in another state. Kiss kept calling him, but Joe needed time and space away. Despite all the marriage troubles, Kiss refused to quit O.F. In fact, with the publicity from the fight, the money from new subscribers was rolling in. After about a week of tense silence between them, Joe finally responded on camera in a radio interview. To his credit, he didn’t trash talk Kiss too badly. He admitted he was deeply hurt by her secrecy around the account, more than the account itself.

When asked if their marriage was over, Joe’s reply gave a glimmer of hope, saying “We’re going to have to sit down and talk eventually.” It sounds like with time, they may be able to heal the betrayals and broken trust. The drama got them temporary fame and views online, but fractured a relationship at its breaking point. Trust broken can be the hardest to rebuild. But with compassion and commitment, this couple may still be able to find their way back, away from the viral spotlight. Trending stars will come and go, but only real love remains constant through life’s storms. Here’s hoping they can rediscover their foundation.


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