Heartwarming Moment Bikers Stop Traffic to Help Elderly Grandmother Cross the Street

A group of bikers is winning praise online after stopping traffic to escort an elderly grandmother across a busy intersection.

The touching moment was captured on video last Tuesday morning by an onlooker outside the Sunset Plaza shopping center.

The footage shows a gang of leather-clad bikers on loud motorcycles pull up to a crosswalk where a grandmother in her late 70’s is waiting to cross.

The bikers can be seen signaling for the grandmother to cross the road. They then block both lanes of traffic with their motorcycles to create a safe path for her.

Gently taking her by the arm, the kindhearted men slowly guide the elderly woman across the busy street, keeping a watchful eye out for any oncoming vehicles.

Upon reaching the other side, the grandmother appears fatigued, so the bikers accompany her to a nearby bench to rest.

After making sure she is comfortably seated, the men return to their bikes and take off down the street. Onlookers can be heard erupting into applause over the bikers’ touching display of human kindness.

The video has since gone viral online, with over 500,000 views on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/shorts/tnX4lDvLhGY. Thousands have commented praising the men for their act of compassion toward a complete stranger.

“This just made my day – we need more kindness in this world,” wrote one viewer.

So the next time you see an elderly person needing help, let this video inspire you to lend a hand! Spread the joy.

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