5 Surprising Things You Don’t Have To Share With Your Partner

Getting intimate on every level seems sweet when you’re head over heels. But according to expert therapist Jane Jackson, spilling all the deets isn’t always wise.

“Healthy relationships involve boundaries,” shares Jane. “Revealing too much too soon can backfire.” From fleeting crushes to, uh, bathroom biz, we all have things better left unsaid. Keep reading for Jane’s inside scoop on keeping the magic alive!

First up – those flirty feelings for coworkers or passing crushes. “Admitting attraction to others will only breed jealousy,” warns Jane. Unless it’s a serious issue, leave those butterflies in the past.

What happens behind closed doors should also stay behind closed doors. “Daily routines like skincare shouldn’t be cause for concern,” notes Jane. Keep hygiene habits private to maintain air of mystery.

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And keep device passcodes to yourself. What’s really worth the risk of potential painful posts or pics popping up? Not worth tempting electronic turmoil.

Past flames are another can of worms best left unopened. Comparing exes does nobody favors. Focus on building new memories together sans ex-factor dramatics.

Even bedroom banter warrants discretion. Jane advises bypassing graphic details from past partners’ performances. Spare current beau’s ego and opt for intimacy in present.

In the end, every duo defines intimacy uniquely. But certain revelations are sure-fire relationship ruiners according to Jane. Emotional and physical privacy preserves normalicy and nixes needless tensions.

So consider this your cheat sheet for smoother sailing. A little discretion goes a long way for long-haul loving!

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